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Thank you for visiting Margaret Brower Interiors! I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here and that you'll come back often.

Using an interior designer might seem extravagant. However, the truth is that a professional interior designer can actually save you money by knowing where to purchase goods and services, and by helping you avoid making costly design mistakes.

A well-designed interior is akin to a work of art. It speaks to each person in subtle ways, creating a calm oasis or a stimulating environment through the effective use and placement of colors, textures, fabrics, furnishings and other design concepts.


My goal as an interior designer is to help you create warm, welcoming and stylish rooms that will please you for years to come.

Perhaps your home or office needs a complete makeover. Or maybe it just needs to be rejuvenated. In either case, I'll be happy to assist you!

I hope the images and words on this website will jumpstart your imagination as you consider all the ways we can make your interiors fresh and exciting.




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