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Living Spaces

When creating a new interior, there are many considerations to think about that will have a big impact on your final design. Spaces should reflect your personality and style while still being aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional.

With many different styles and periods to choose from - Traditional, French Country, Cottage, Tuscan, Antique, Contemporary and so on - which one suits you best?

Do you prefer warm or cool colors? Simplicity or opulence? Eclectic or formal? Overstuffed or sophisticated? 


Do you have special interests (collections, family heirlooms) or must-haves (favorite photos, books, music, art)? These are important details to incorporate when creating new interiors.

Together we'll explore all of these elements and find ways to translate your space into an environment that expresses and pleases you.

Many people today work from home and require a separate room to conduct business. While having business equipment in a home office may be unavoidable, it is possible to avoid working in a spartan atmosphere.

Warm it up with carpeting. Calm it down with a soothing color palette. Dress it up with custom window treatments. Brighten it up with task and ambient lighting. Make it comfortable and efficient with the proper furnishings.




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